It’s been a long week of recovery for all of us here at ELR… We had a hectic weekend full of travel, raging, and just straight madness!  We were lucky enough to go on tour with JFK of MSTRKRFT for a long four day weekend, starting out at Tonic in Santa Barbara, heading up to the Graduate in SLO, and then wrapping it all up with an epic monday night at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz.  Naturally, we decided it would be a wise decision to bring along a camera crew and document the entire experience… So here we have it, photos from all three stops, and a video documenting our shenanigans as we travel the up the golden coast with JFK…

Santa Barbara

With opening sets by Casa St Hooligans, Tonic resident Matty Matt, Mikey Lion and  ELR’s very own Yooj and FOSH, Santa Barbara was a solid start to the tour.  JFK’s set was absolutely insane, packing the entire dance floor from start to finish with arms flailing and bodies flying..  Santa Barbara was not ready for it…  Rather than force feed you one of our mixes, I figured it’d be better to provide with a few of the crowd pleasing tracks produced by Michael Woods, Bart B Moore, and Robotic Pirate Monkey:


SLO was the winner take all for this tour!  The Graduate is a venue of epic proportions and the turnout was nothing to sneer at… With the door line the length of a football field, SLOs surprisingly large population of kandi kids were in for quite a treat.. With an opening set by Craig Williams, 2010’a winner of the Lollapalooza remix contest, the entire hall was crackin’ off before JFK had even entered the building!  Check out the track that won it for Craig and let us know what you think.

Tiga – What You Need (Craig Williams Remix) mediafire (320)

Santa Cruz

There was no better way to wrap up this mini tour than a night at the Catalyst.  With opening sets by DJ LuckyDate and Santa Cruz local Getter, this was one of the heaviest hitting nights of the trip!

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