LAZY RICH @ Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara: THIS Thursday, January 19th!

Happy belated New Year’s Easylovers! It’s been way too long but we are finally out of hibernation and ready to tear up 2012! But first, let’s reflect on 2011.

*cue chime-in sound with blurry visual effects for flashback

Skrillex was nominated for a grammy.  Deadmau5 broke a record for his six-night run at NYC’s Roseland ballroom.  The internet exploded with music blogs *wink wink*.  DJs became rock-stars, and our radios and TVs both sounded a little more dance-y, a lot less “mainstream.”  But of course then we start to question, “What is ‘mainstream?'” and the whole topic becomes controversial so let’s just skip to the main event!

Hope all you EasyLovers are on our level because we are proud to announce our first ragin’ event of 2012…  Assemble your party rock crews… Presented by our friends over at Loose Cannon, complextro DJ out of Vancouver, Canada, Lazy Rich will be spinning at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara TOMORROW (Jan 19)!!!

$15 online presales are SOLD OUT.

Get your (limited) $20 online presales HERE

With Special Guests:
Candyland (
w/Opening Sets By:
Clark Kent (
and your very own Ginger Kid & Azn Glo (

One of the forward-thinking leaders of the Electro-House genre, Lazy Rich is credited for being a pioneer in ‘complextro’, (later championed by such acts as Porter Robinson, Dirtyloud, Zedd, and Skrillex) a cutting edge sound bringing together electro saws and riffs with fidget wobbles and pacing.

Listen to the songs below for a taste of what the wild night will consist of.  Your ears are in for a treat!

Morgan Page ft. Tegan and Sara – Body Work (Lazy Rich Remix)
**This song is fresh out of the oven!!! Just released on Beatport yesterday!**
Here Lazy Rich switches up one of Morgan Page’s latest singles into some really interesting complextro. Carried through with the indie-turned-EDM voices of twin sisters Tegan and Sara, the wild track entices us to clear everything in our path and get freaky right there on the floor.  Seriously, with a name like “Body Work” what would you expect?  Looking forward to 99.9% chances of hearing this unique piece played tomorrow!  Pay extra special attention @ 1:33.
Listen to the preview below:
Morgan Page feat Tegan and Sara – Body Work (Lazy Rich Remix) [OUT NOW ON BEATPORT] by Lazy Rich
Download here:

Support the artists and buy the full track here.

Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich feat Sue Cho – Hello
Lazy Rich’s first official release was in 2007, but this was one of the first releases by our friend Porter Robinson.  A year later and we’ve got to say, it is STILL one of the catchiest house tunes.  In this year’s fast-paced EDM world, it would be deemed a classic.   Once you hear the unique basslines you’ll know what we’re talkin’ about. As corny as it is, these two undoubtedly had us at “Hello.”

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, do it now!  And we’ll see you there!!!

As always,




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