Steve Aoki Interview

Steve Aoki Live in Santa Barbara – Photo by Paul Vert

Anyone who made it to see Steve Aoki live at the Earl Warren Show Grounds knows it was definitely a night that will forever go down in Santa Barbara history.  Being a fellow UC Santa Barbara alum, Steve was kind enough to take a moment to catch up with us let us know about the time he spent living in Isla Vista and how it influenced his career as a musician.

ELR: First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us, that was an epic performance and I know you gotta be feelin’ tired!  Now its pretty common knowledge around these parts that you are a fellow UCSB alum, so lets start with the basics, what dorm did you live at during your freshman year?

Steve Aoki: FT! Seventh floor.

ELR: Nice, and where did you guys live when you moved to IV?

Aoki: I lived in many places; Biko House.

ELR: So the rumors are true? You guys were the founders of the Biko House?

Aoki: Yea, I guess we founded it. The Doschain house. And the legendary house, the 6542 Sabado Tarde house. That’s where the Pickle Patch was founded. It eventually moved around, but we had At The Drive-In, !!!, The Rapture; the Pickle Patch has had over 450 bands playing at all the different incarnations. We stayed there for a couple years then we moved into a frat house. We didn’t become a frat but we brought 16 kids in there, we built out a space and did shows there. Then we moved to the Biko House and we did shows there. We made the garage into a place where we could have shows. Me and my friend Mahad, who was also AS President, were there and Mahad was just changing shit on campus. I was just there supporting him and the whole group of people who were running AS were really effective at changing shit.

ELR: I know this might seem like kind of a ridiculous question, but what do you think of IV as a launch pad for a musician?

Aoki: Well yea, there is just so much distraction. At the end of the day music is like a study and if you want to become a master at it, you have to really focus. And IV is just full of distractions, but if you could deal with that then yeah sure.  When I was in IV, I wasn’t a DJ but, in hardcore bands because that was part of my era, my past. It’s actually really important because that community helped allow me to be in a band.

ELR: When was the last time you went to IV?

Aoki: I played a show there at the Hub and we actually saw an old professor of ours, Dick (Richard) Flacks from the sociology department. He is one of the best professors I have ever had.

ELR: So what’s your order at Freebirds?

Aoki: Freebirds is still around? Tio Albertos was my jam, dude. However, I used to work right across from the vegan co-op. If you go out to the main street, there is this really bad fried food spot that’s right next to like a burrito shop. I used to work there, as their bike delivery boy. Yea, he was a dick dude. I delivered some shit to a fraternity, fraternities love me now, but back then they didn’t like me. Like when I delivered food to this one fraternity the guy was talking shit and I didn’t fuckin care, I’d say shit right back. Then all of a sudden like ten of them surround me. And all I thought was man I’m dead since I was like 120 pounds back then. And I came back to my boss and told him I’m never delivering to that place again; he just fired me then and there.

ELR: Anything you want to say to the UCSB students?

Aoki: Fuck… Do a lot of extracurricular activities. I’m not saying like sex and that stuff. Part of my experience in living in IV was everything outside of school. Do productive shit, not just partying and getting drunk and having promiscuous unsafe sex.

ELR: Again, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us, we had a great time tonight.

Photos from the night are posted as well… enjoy :)

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